Disaster Preparedness at Home Part 2



I am a person that likes to empower individuals … It doesn’t matter if I am selling you a home or helping you handle a difficult personal situation.  No one wants to be impacted by a natural disaster but in reality we all are vulnerable.  In your home I  suggests that you have the ability to stay put and live independently for about a week without electricity or water.


Don’t panic … this can be done easier than you would think!  Here are a couple of  things to help you get started in creating a separate storage of supplies.

Water … 7 gallons

Perscription Medication … 7 days worth

Copy of your ID / Drivers License / Pass Port

Leather work gloves

Aluminum blanket for warmth (very inexpensive and easy to find at any sport store)

Food that you would eat with little cooking / think of keeping a supply of dried fruit and nuts for energy

I have a lot more to say about this subject and certainly more ideas to make you fully independent so do contact me if you want more ideas ….

….AND for now … get started on some for the above mentioned ideas .. that will spur you to continue and make a complete storage supply!!!!  Don’t be afraid .. be prepared!