Disaster Preparedness -Auto Part 3



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add_filter( ‘In the recent past I touched on being more prepared with your insurance coverage and the documentation of the personal items that you have covered so that your claim is easy and you get dollar for dollar replacement ….. then a brief blog on the value of being prepared with supplies at home so that you are not one of the many that stress-fully race off to the store the morning of a disaster to find the shelves empty ….. ‘, ‘bare with me on this last short blog as I include being prepared in your Automobile! …. Yes Americans, for the most part, spend a great deal of time in there cars……and we all are familiar with the many tragedies that involve being dependent only on what you have with you at the time that a tragedy strikes……
In short, here is a starter list for your car:
a BACK PAC with ……….. a pair of comfortable shoes / a pair of leather work gloves / a crow-bar / a radio with extra batteries / money in small bills / plastic gloves / flashlight w extra batteries / a blanket / some raw nuts and dried fruit … for more detail and conversation about the value of these items or to purchase a “Survivalist Auto Pack” …. call Al Keys 805-452-1152
Stay safe / stay well and stay prepared !’ );