Living in Nature

I have been so fortunate for the past year to find myself living in a semi-wild environment in the foothills of Montecito !!!!!  Some say I have an amazing life … I say I have a very basic life that I choose to see and experience in a very exciting way ..

The other day while we had been experiencing a real heat way (something I actually like) … well when early evening was approaching I decided to take walk outside the house and what I became a part of, was a surprise and a delight to me.  The first creature I see was a coyote, running down into the dry creek-bed …. Yes  for sure that was a delight …. But as I continued to walk, still enjoying my  coyote vision, I saw the new Bob-Cat family out hunting for food with the two new babies getting some first hand lessons in stalking and hunting …. needless to say developing that hunting skill is critical for survival as this is their first year of life.

As if that wasn’t enough …. I next come upon the pair of deer foraging after what has been a very hot and dry week…… The amazing thing to me is that I felt a part of the entire rhythm and movement of life … it is as though all of us mammals need to get a bit of a break from the heat and a little time to stretch our legs.  the opportunity to live and walk among these other beautiful beings is remarkable and keeps me in a state of wonder and gratitude, sometimes to the point of tears.  I often have this same sense as I spend my day among other humans … What a remarkable experience to share time and space together !