Moving !

Moving ………… sometimes it is a great adventure that awaits us and we cannot seem to move fast enough … BUT … usually moving is a necessary step to get from one place to another but doesn’t at all have this great adventure attached to it! ……………… Regardless of which experience you are having there are some very basic and helpful things to incorporate into your plan of attack.


First Label / mark / identify in some way the items that are CRITICAL … the items you MUST keep …(be realistic the things you NEED)

Second group / label / identify those items that you really want and those you can live without.  So this grouping will have 2 separate labels or groups.  This way as you continue on the days nearer to your move you will get clearer regarding what you will take with you and what you will leave behind.

Third task is to throw out and remove from your line of sight all the items you know you never use / don’t remember you even have / are broken or non-functioning ……

At this pint you can call movers to estimate what the cost will be for the items you will actually be moving / or what size vehicle you will need to lease for the move (remember the items you won’t use but will pay to put in storage are actually items you are re-purchasing in your storage fees monthly so be sure these items have VALUE …. Sharpen your pencil and calculate the storage cost  as many times these could have been purchased new by the time you finish paying for two or three years of storage.

Next think of family and friends that might benefit from some items that you no longer have use for … I have personally benefited from such ”hand me ups”

Finally think “tax write off” by donating items to local charities as this may be the most financially sound thing to do ……. not to mention it relieves you of the care of keeping  or the cost of storing things you don’t use.

Enjoy a fresher / lighter sense of being with less “extra” stuff and the ability to concentrate on those items that actually help your life to function…. Al Keys